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mwlib provides a library for parsing MediaWiki articles and converting them to different output formats.

The collection extension is a MediaWiki extensions enabling users to collect articles and generate PDF files from those.

Both components are used by wikipedia’s ‘Print/export’ feature.

If you’re running a low-traffic public mediawiki installation, you only have to install the collection extension. You’ll have to use the public render server run by pediapress GmbH. Please read Collection Extension for MediaWiki.

If you need to run your own render server instance, you’ll have to install mwlib and mwlib.rl first. Please read Installation of mwlib.

Contact/Need help

If you need help with mwlib or the Collection extension you can either browse the mwlib mailing list or subscribe to it via mail.

The developers can also be found on IRC in the #pediapress channel

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