2011-12-13 release 0.13.1

  • replaced mw-serve with
  • removed CGI support
  • removed lots of obsolete code
  • updated documentation, available online at

2011-10-24 release 0.12.17

  • handle siteinfo without “magicwords” key in templ.parser
  • use gevent instead of twisted in mw-zip/mw-render
  • show memory usage in mw-zip
  • use sqlite3dmb to store html
  • fix directionality of math nodes for RTL documents

2011-08-31 release 0.12.16

  • remove xhtmlwriter
  • remove docbookwriter
  • fix_wikipedia_siteinfo for kdb, ltg and xmf
  • remove zipwiki
  • implement safesubst
  • match noinclude and onlyinclude tags with whitespace
  • bail out when running with an unsupported python version

2011-08-12 release 0.12.15

  • require lxml.
  • dont switch fonts for direction switch chars lrm/rlm
  • set teletype style by css
  • fix rtl direction check bug
  • quick fix in order to support the kbd tag.
  • fix switch statements with localized #default case.
  • dont remove direction switching nodes
  • resolve aliases when expanding templates.
  • support localized parser functions.
  • make tests work with latest py.test 2.1.
  • add support for css direction switching
  • Code and Var nodes now use teletype style
  • be more verbose when collection params can not be retrieved
  • fix subpage links (bugzilla #28055)
  • fix for
  • dont die on treecleaner errors
  • remove paragraphs from galleries
  • add license templates
  • get rid of some more parsing calls
  • cache img display info in licensehandler
  • speed up getting template args (for licensehandling)
  • always show full text of contributors of images
  • fix for getAllDisplayText
  • add nofilter to licensehandling
  • make licensechecker less fragile to bad config format
  • improve image license handling
  • improve stats for licensechecker
  • add custom element to metabook
  • dont throw away collapsible boxes. fixes: #935
  • decrease api_request_limit
  • limit max. simultaneous img downloads to 15
  • moar categories. less whitespace. untangle revision/category fetching
  • increase standard resolution of images
  • fix getting html with revisions
  • clean up after fixNesting
  • fetch extension images
  • prevent adding same api url twice
  • retry failed img downloads
  • workaround for missing descriptionurl
  • fix: descriptionurl returned from api seems be “false” sometimes.
  • fix for #925. make syntaxhighlighting work again
  • fix for #755
  • support older mediawikis
  • add lower bound on word splitting hints
  • mwlib.refine: parse <caption> tags inside tables
  • be more generous when trying to detect see also
  • fix for “See Also “Section removal
  • fix #905: remove See also sections.
  • remove edit links
  • handle second argument to fullurl magic function.
  • convert tiff images to png
  • fix for infobox detection
  • handle Abbreviation node in xhtmlwriter
  • add Abbreviation node
  • improve table splitting

2010-10-29 release 0.12.14

  • fix NS magic function.
  • refine/ do not parse links if link target would contain newlines.
  • require lockfile==0.8.
  • add xr formatting in #time
  • replace mwlib.async with qserve package.
  • move fontswitcher to writer dir
  • remove collapsible elements
  • fix for #830
  • move gallery nodes out of tables.
  • handle overflow:auto crap
  • fix for reference handling
  • better handling for references nodes.
  • fix for ReferenceLists
  • fix whitespace handling and implicit newlines in template arguments. fixes
  • Add support for more PageMagic as per
  • Fix PageMagic to consider page as argument
  • fetch parsed html from mediawiki and store it as parsed_html.json. We store the raw result from mediawiki since it’s not clear what’s really needed.
  • make mwapi work for non query actions.

2010-7-16 release 0.12.13

  • omit passwords from error file
  • make login work with latest mediawiki.
  • use content_type, not content-type in metabooks
  • filter crap from ref node names
  • try to set GDFONTPATH to some sane value. call EasyTimeline with font argument.
  • do not scale easytimeline images after rendering rather scale then in
  • update EasyTimeline to 1.13
  • another fix for nested references
  • fix for broken tables
  • make #IFEXIST handle images
  • add treecleaner method to avoid large cells
  • fix img alignment
  • fix nesting of section with same level
  • do not let tablemode get negative.
  • fix #815
  • call fix_wikipedia_siteinfo based on contents of server (instead of sitename)
  • workaround for broken interwikimap. fixes #807
  • handle the case, where the <br> ends up in a new paragraph. fixes #804
  • move the poem tag implementation to mwlib.refine.core and make it expand templates
  • add #ifeq node. fixes #800
  • fix for images with spaces in file extensions
  • fix and test for #795
  • pull tables out of DefinitionDescriptions
  • add getVerticalAlign to styleutils
  • remove tables from image captions
  • remove –clean-cache option to mw-serve
  • allow floats as –purge-cache argument
  • workaround for buggy lockfile module.
  • implement DISPLAYTITLE
  • generate higher resolution timelines
  • handle abbr and hiero tags
  • make sure print_template_pattern is written to nfo.json, when getting it as part of the collection params
  • relax odfpy requirement a bit
  • make hash-mark only links work again
  • remove empty images

2009-12-16 release 0.12.12

  • dont remove sections containing only images.
  • improve handling of galleries
  • fix use of uninitialized last variable
  • do not ‘split’ links when expanding templates
  • quick workaround for

2009-12-8 release 0.12.11

  • beware python 2.4 is not supported anymore
  • parse paragraphs before spans
  • parse named urls before links.
  • fix urllinks inside links
  • fix named urls inside double brackets
  • avoid splitting up Reference nodes.
  • parse lines/lists before span.
  • add getScripts method. improve rtl compat. for fontswitching
  • do not replace uniq strings with their content when preprocessing gallery tags. fixes e.g. ref tags inside gallery tags.
  • run template expansion for each line in gallery tags
  • handle mhr, ace, ckb, mwl interwiki links
  • add clearStyles method
  • add another condition to avoid single col tables in border-boxes
  • refactor node style handling
  • remove fixInfoBoxes from treecleaner
  • fix for identifiying image license information
  • handle closing ul/ol tags inside enumerations
  • correctly determine text alignment of node.
  • fix for image only table check
  • add code for simple rpc servers/clients based on the gevent library.
  • add flag for split itemlists
  • do not blacklist articles
  • add upper limit for font sizes

2009-10-20 release 0.12.10

  • fix race condition when fetching siteinfo
  • introduce flag to suppress automatic escaping when cleaning text
  • sent error mails only once
  • add ‘pageby’, ‘uml’, ‘graphviz’, ‘categorytree’, ‘summary’ to list of tags to ignore

2009-10-13 release 0.12.9

  • fix #709
  • allow higher resolution in math formulas
  • fetch collection parameters and use them (template exclusion category,...)
  • fix #699
  • fix <ref> inside table caption
  • refactor filequeue
  • adjust table splitting parameter
  • move invisible, named references out of table nodes
  • fix late #if
  • fix bug with inputboxes
  • fix parsing of collection pages: titles/subtitles may but do not need to have spaces
  • use new default license URL
  • fix race condition in mw-serve/mw-watch

2009-9-25 release 0.12.8

  • fix argument handling in mw-serve Previously it had been possible to overwrite any file by passing arguments containing newlines to mw-serve.

2009-9-23 release 0.12.7

  • ensure that files extracted from zip files end up in the destination directory.

2009-9-15 release 0.12.6

  • fix for reference nodes
  • allow most characters in urls
  • fix for setting content-length in response
  • fix problem with blacklisted templates creating preformatted nodes (#630)
  • do not split preformatted nodes on non-empty whitespace only lines
  • do not create preformatted nodes inside li tags
  • pull garbage out of table rows. fix #17.
  • dont remove empty spans if an explicit size is given.
  • uncomment fix_wikipedia_siteinfo and add pnb as interwiki link
  • remove mwxml writer.
  • add mw-version program

2009-9-8 release 0.12.5

  • fix missing page case in get_page when looking for redirects
  • some minor bugfixes

2009-8-25 release 0.12.3

  • better compatibility with older mediawiki installations

2009-8-18 release 0.12.2

  • fix status callbacks to pod partner

2009-8-17 release 0.12.1

  • added mw-client and mw-check-service
  • mw-serve-ctl can now send report mails
  • fixes for race conditions in mwlib.filequeue (mw-watch)
  • lots of other improvements...

2009-5-6 release 0.11.2

  • fixes

2009-5-5 release 0.11.1

  • merge of the nuwiki branch: better, faster resource fetching with twisted_api, new ZIP file format with nuwiki

2009-4-21 release 0.10.4

  • fix chapter handling
  • fix bad #tag params

2009-4-17 release 0.10.3

  • fix issue with self-closing tags
  • fix issue with “disappearing” table rows

2009-4-15 release 0.10.2

  • fix for getURL() method in zipwiki

2009-4-9 release 0.10.1

  • the parser has been completely rewritten (mwlib.refine)
  • fix bug in do not overwrite articles
  • removed mwapidb.WikiDB.getTemplatesForArticle() which was broken and wasn’t used.

2009-3-5 release 0.9.13

  • normalize template names when checking against blacklist
  • make NAMESPACE magic work for non-main namespaces
  • make NS template work

2009-03-02 release 0.9.12

  • fix template expansion bug with non self-closing ref tags containing equal signs

2009-2-25 release 0.9.11

  • added –print-template-pattern
  • fix bug in LOCALURLE with non-ascii characters (#473)
  • fix ‘upright’ image modifier handling (#459)
  • allow star inside URLs (#483)
  • allow whitespace in image width modifiers (#475)

2009-2-19 release 0.9.10

  • do not call check() in zipcreator: better some missing articles than an error message

2009-2-18 release 0.9.8

  • localize image modifiers
  • fix bug in serve with forced rendering
  • fix bug in writerbase when no URL is returned
  • return only unqiue image contributors, sorted
  • #expr with whitespace only argument now returns the empty string instead of marking the result as an error.
  • added mw-serve-ctl command line tool (#447)
  • mwapidb: omit title in URLs with oldid
  • mwapidb: added getTemplatesForArticle()
  • zipcreator: check articles and sources to prevent broken ZIP files
  • mwapidb: do query continuation to find out all authors (#420)
  • serve: use a deterministic checksum for metabooks (#451)

2009-2-9 release 0.9.7

  • fix bug in #expr parsing
  • fix bug in localised namespace handling/#ifexist
  • fix bug in redirect handling together with specific revision in mwapidb

2009-2-3 release 0.9.6

  • mwapidb: return authors alphabetically sorted (#420)
  • zipcreator: fixed classname from DummyScheduler to DummyJobScheduler; this bug broke the –no-threads option
  • serve: if rendering is forced, don’t re-use ZIP file (#432)
  • options: remove default value “Print” from –print-template-prefix
  • mapidb: expand local* functions, add them to source dictionary
  • expander: fix memory leak in template parser (#439)
  • expander: better noinclude, includeonly handling (#426)
  • expander: #iferror now uses a regular expression (#435)
  • expander: workaround dateutils bug (resulting in a TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +=: ‘NoneType’ and ‘int’)

2009-1-26 release 0.9.5

  • initial release